South African Skills analysis

There are more than 54 million people in South Africa, 66% per cent of the total population are young men and women below the age of 35. Young people between the ages of 15 and 24 constitute nearly 30 per cent of the country’s population (Statistics South Africa 2012). Young people face high unemployment rates nationally and integrating them into labour markets is a concern in many provinces. The quality and focus on our education system is another factor – for many young people, poor and low levels of training and education are a significant contributor to poor labour market prospects. The support for young people as they transition from school and tertiary education to work is also critical in order to accelerate employment.

SA’s ranks according to Global Competitiveness Index

  • Labour Market Efficiency: 107th
  • Technology Readiness: 50th
  • Business Sophistication: 33rd
  • Innovation: 38th

According to Statistics SA 2016, Q’4 _figures, employment rates increased in three industries by 18 000 in Trade, Business Services and Manufacturing.However, four other industries decreased; Community Services (-81 000 or -3 %), Construction (-11 000 or -1, 8%), Mining Quarrying (-3 000 or -0, 7%) and Transport (-1 000 or -0, 2%). While the unemployment rate among graduates was 7 % in the fourth quarter of 2016. The country’s current unemployment rate forces us to ask these important questions:

  1. How is the journey from education to the world of work?
  2. How to identify what you can offer the world of work as an employee or a business owner?
  3. How to excel at interviews and secure the job?
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